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There would be something like keys, wallets, mobile etc which you always find difficult to locate and then spent lots of your time to find them. Then here we have come up with a solution for this. This solution has been named as “TrackR Bravo” With the help of TrackR Bravo you would be able to find your things in no time. Thus it will save your time as well as your valuable things if you would have lost them. In this article, we are going to provide you the Full TrackR Bravo Review. We would also explain its features and the whole process of its working.

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What is TrackR Bravo?

TrackR Bravo is a Bluetooth Device. You can easily attach it to your valuable items which you are prone to losing. This device would be attached to your mobile and with the help of your mobile, you can make that attached things beep.

TrackR Bravo is small, coin-sized and lightweight plastic disc which weights around 0.3 ounces. It measures across 1.2 inches with the thickness of 0.2 inches. It has a loop; through this, you can easily attach it with keychain. TrackR Bravo also has a small circular adhesive tape which let it attach the device properly.

TrackR Bravo Features:

Size: TrackR Bravo is the smallest finder device available in the market. This feature of the device makes it easy for the users to carry it with their device.

Finding Device: With the TrackR Bravo you would be able to easily find your device. With the help of TrackR Bravo you can beep your device then you can find your device.

Battery Life: The battery life of TrackR Bravo is around 3 months. Since it uses very small battery so it would be cost very less in comparison of other device finder.

Easy to use: The app of TrackR Bravo is very user friendly. Within the app you can find the stats of how often you ring your device from phone and vice a versa. The app also has range finder that tells you if you are getting closer and farther from the device.

Other Functions: This gadget is Waterproof. It has various customizations about the volume of beep etc.

How TrackR Bravo Works:

The TrackR bravo works with Bluetooth 4.0 for Android 4.4 or Up and iOS 8 or later. You can pair up to 10 TrackR Bravo with a smartphone. The battery used in the TrackR Bravo is a standard CR1616 coin cell due to this you do not need to charge your device.

If your phone of TrackR Bravo would be out of range of each other, then both will inform you about it with an alarm. So there would be no chance of loss of your phone or keys. If you do not want this alarm then you can also toggle off through the TrackR Bravo app settings. If you want to create a new alarm then you can also customize it through the Phone’s music library.

You can manually search for your connected phone by pressing the button of the TrackR, while will cause it to sound an alarm when in range. You can do the same for the TrackR by tapping an icon in the app. These functions work together or not the separation alert is enabled. This will also work when your phone’s volume is muted.

Other features of TrackR Bravo is you can set up Wi-Fi Zones in the app to disable proximity alerts when you are at home or at work so through this you do not have to endure alarms every time you get up from your desk.

Another feature of TrackR is you can share access to your TrackR with a community of users in case your phone or TrackR goes missing. This will let the strangers with the help of TrackR app to anonymously ping your lost phone or TrackR if it is nearby. Then an alert will notify you that “this one” has found your lost item. This feature of TrackR Bravo is called “Crowd GPS” feature.

TrackR Bravo offers free battery replacement through the app.

Set Up the TrackR Bravo App:

Once you have downloaded the app in your device then it will take you through the step by step routine. You will be taken through some tests.

The first test would be range test. It will tell you to put the TrackR a few feet away then the app will tell you the distance.

After this, It is the beeper test will come.

Now you have tested all the features of TrackR Bravo so you can go ahead with using the app.

TrackR Bravo VS Tile:

Properties TrackR Bravo Tile
Device Sound 85 DB 90 DB
Battery Replaceable Not replaceable
Price Approx. 22 $ Approx. 25$ but have no use for 1 year as the battery is not replaceable
Range Around 70 feet Around 100 feet
Separation Alert Yes No
Size Very Small Larger than TrackR Bravo
Material Brushed-aluminium & Plastic Plastic
Weight .12 ounce .30 Ounce
Key Ring Included Not Included
Double-sided Adhesive Yes No
Compatibility iOS 8 and Up, Android 4.4 And Up iOS 8.1 and Up, Android 4.4 and Up
Sound Time 0-10 seconds (customizable) Indefinite until stopped
LED Light Small Blue Led None
Low Battery Notification Yes No
Wi-Fi Zones Yes None
Works With Nest None

TrackR Bravo Reviews, Final Words:

So this was all about TrackR Bravo. The main advantage point of the TrackR Bravo is its small design, its replaceable battery, and the most important its separation alert features. This comes with 1-year warranty and replacement of battery needs very less amount. However the range and alarm sound are lower in comparison to other Tackers like Tile but it does not make too much difference.

The company is making continuous improvements to add more features in the device like family sharing option in which you can share the tagged devices with other people you designated so that they can find your misplaced device. This device also comes with 30 days money back guarantee. You can buy TrackR Bravo from its official site. The app of TrackR is available on Google Play Store and iTunes store. So get your TrackR Bravo device today and save your devices and time as well.